Traces of You

You penetrate my mind
and take over my senses.
The sound of your voice,
Your laugh
Reverberates around me
And as your waves flow
Through me you’re in me
Where I crave you most.
When you read my soul
You share with me yours
And I am intoxicated by you.
After Shot
After shot
I consume you
Like you consume me
when you hold me
And our bodies merge
Leaving no indication
of which is yours
Or which is mine
So mine becomes yours
And I come to;
awakened as I breathe you in.
I am overcome by you
And the way you captivate my being,
My mind and my body.
Long after you’ve come
and you’ve gone
Traces of you
linger on me
And in me
And I am left wearing you
On the curves of my lips.


We Are The Generation of Women

We are the generation of women
who watched their mothers
cry themselves to sleep at night
after arguments with baby daddys/boyfriends/husbands.
We listened as he yelled at you,
calling you bitch as though it were your name,
Claiming your worthlessness so you would need him,
wouldn’t leave him.
We watched as he disregarded you,
your feelings, your efforts.
We noticed the lack of appreciation
for the house you kept, the mouths you fed,
and hours of sleep you lost during holidays.
When the only time that love was shown
Was a petty display of his manhood,
expectations that you relieve his man wood.
We questioned why you’d wait around for him
when he didn’t show up for hours, for days.
We begged you to be stronger,
to stand up and embrace the queen that you are
but instead you told us to sit down,
to know our place in the lives of the men that we serve.
Because this was all that you knew,
taught to you by the generations of woman who came before you.
But when you made us sit down you gave us books,
Encouraged us to draw, to write, to learn.
You pushed us to do well in school
so we had more to offer than just a pretty face.
You gave us the opportunities you never had,
opportunities you denied you wanted
because oppression was all you knew.
We are a new generation of women
built on the tears and the hardships of our mothers.
Made to be smarter, stronger,
we were taught the world is ours for the taking
and so we will.
We are the generation of women
who will no longer,
who refuses to sit down
when we were given the tools to stand up.


I live for moments of serenity.

Where I am one with the universe;

one with myself.

When breath flows freely through me

Planting my feet firmly into the earth,

And I am awake, alive.

The thought of you fills my heart

Like the whirl of the wind.

A gentle summer breeze across my face,

Providing even the slightest bit of relief.

I wonder if you are here in this moment

As I look up at the moon,

and wonder

Are you looking too?

Do you hear the deafening silence of the winter,

As She screams loudly

the harsh bitter air filling my lungs,

Making me want to seek refuge.

Seek Warmth.

Never do you stay

for more than just these brief moments

yet always are you with me.

When nature binds us together,

Time ceases, distance fades

and we are one.